Bitcoin and Ethereum’s Mainstream Success Presents New Opportunities

Congratulations are in order for Bitcoin and Ethereum investors for an investment well done. You deserve a high five and a pat on the back.
Jumping into cryptocurrencies makes you a very astute and modern investor. Most of you were likely making your Bitcoin and Ethereum investments before their huge recent run-up.

Healing and Hope Created By Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs

The days of a singular focus on shareholder value are being challenged by a new breed of leaders and entrepreneurs who want more, and expect more from their businesses.The 2020 pandemic tested our limits and patience, yet it also brought to light that companies have a larger stage and platform to do more than just create shareholder value.

Mental Health Needs To Go Mainstream

Are you a little anxious, stressed out, or a bit depressed? It’s okay, many of us are. Even the most positive people feel down at times … I get it. I’ve been there. Actually, we’ve ALL been there. Our mental health has been challenged in 2020 and for many, it has carried over to 2021.

Women-Founded and Led Businesses Are Creating Superior Returns for Investors

The year 1986 was filled with some memorable moments. Unfortunately, 1986 was also the year where the “glass ceiling” was introduced and highlighted to mainstream America. As you most likely already know, the Glass ceiling is a metaphor that highlights the forces and issues that prevent female professionals from reaching senior management positions.

Disruptive E-Commerce And the Next Growth Cycle

The global pandemic has radically shifted consumer online buying behavior and has accelerated its growth this past year and for many years to come. This includes how we access our health and wellness practitioners, products, and services.

What is a Regulation A+ Mini-IPO? The Facts All Investors Should Know

If you’re interested in investing, yet find the process a bit confusing, you’re not alone. There are quite a lot of terms to dissect and understand, as well as discover which investments will benefit you, the everyday investor, the most. Before you put your hard-earned dollars into any investment, let’s get you educated like a pro early-stage investor would be.