Telemedicine and Telehealth Integration

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Unique to most vertical supply chains, the Greenfield Groves proprietary Telehealth and Telemedicine platform, branded Novus Innovo, was developed to suit the needs of consumers through a proven practitioner-to-consumer cloud-based framework.

Novus Innovo is a subscription service for consumers to engage with practitioners to access both our proprietary brands as well as brands that we have collaborated with in partnership to ensure that our customer’s needs are met. Services span biometric monitoring, app-based care, and predictive risk assessment to help individuals take control of their health care needs, both physical and mental.

We incorporate artificial intelligence technologies along the complete wellness journey to maximize communication and engagement pre and post sessions which ensures the proper solution is paired with each and every consumer, service, and product.

One of the most interesting by-products of our platform is the interactive communities that are created, where consumers and practitioners are freely sharing information amongst each other in a privacy protected, yet helpful manner.