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Greenfield Groves Inc.
September 15, 2020, 10:07 EST

Greenfield Groves Inc. a Benefit Corporation Agrees to Acquire Telehealth Software Platform

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Progressive acquisition allows the Company to accelerate its speed to market while pursuing opportunities in the $4.5 Trillion Global Wellness Economy.

IRVINE, Calif., Sept., 15, 2020 /For Immediate Release/ — Greenfield Groves Inc., a telehealth and wellness company focused on connecting consumers with practitioners to prescribe daily regimens, announced today its agreement to acquire a proprietary telehealth software platform from Healthcare Technologies LLC, founded by Dr. Tony Ganem, an integrative medicine and technology application expert.

According to a Fortune Business Insights research report, the global telehealth market size is projected to grow to USD $559.52 Billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 25.2% during this same forecasted period. The global COVID-19 pandemic is a key driver behind this growth by highlighting the needs for technologies to virtually connect patients with medical providers.1

“We believe that providing solutions suggested by medical providers and alternative practitioners, creates the best opportunity for us to satisfy a larger customer base,” said Lindsay Giguiere, Founder and CEO of Greenfield Groves Inc. “Greenfield Groves is thrilled to be partnering with Dr. Tony Ganem, and we look forward to bringing this telehealth platform to market at scale while helping those who need remote care,”  Mrs. Giguiere continued.

“Our telehealth software has successfully shown its ability to connect consumers with practitioners and create results-driven solutions,” stated Dr. Tony Ganem.  “We are aligned with Greenfield Groves’ leadership team, business model, and go-to-market strategies and are motivated to move the telehealth market to next levels,” continued Dr. Ganem.

About Greenfield Groves

Greenfield Groves is a Benefit Corporation whose focus is to enhance the lifestyle of members in the global communities we serve, through both interactive technologies and product efficacy. Greenfield Groves socially promises to be a transparent health and wellness company, who at its coreis a technology company that delivers interactive telehealth solutions, science-backed consumer products and enterprise-level partnerships. The Company is operating to a forward-looking business model reimagining health and wellness from the ground up, while reshaping the way consumers are educated and are able to personalize their healthcare.

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